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Since 1994 we have been handling technical industrial products with a workforce of over 100 people. On delivery of the parts for processing, we immediately conduct quality testing and remove any items which do not comply with the stringent criteria. We rework parts which can be upgraded to the required condition. We assemble and complete the technical items to form modules, check their function or appearance and ship them just in time/just in sequence.

When we accept a contract, our main focus is always to secure the deadlines and product quality required by our customers in the shortest possible time because in our customers' day-to-day business everything depends on the prompt delivery of components or modules. We support you where you need it to guarantee success based on extensive expertise, the best possible completion of time-critical deadline work and technical production in upstream and downstream departments. This may involve a very wide variety of actions and services. But the result is always the same – the prompt delivery of top quality work.

Some of the statements we often hear from our customers include: "You're like the fire brigade! Whenever there's a fire you're there to help." Or: "We can always rely on you!"
We pursue a zero-errors policy when we perform our services. If you engage WTA Wachsmuth you can rely on this and use it to improve your own success.

Organisation principles you can benefit from:

  • Flat hierarchy
  • Flat hierarchy
  • Project manager responsibility (one project-one leader)
  • Team leader on every shift
  • Consistent deputising System
  • Optional: Organisation of customer teams on site

Personnel management for your benefit:

  • 100 employees guarantee top quality standards
  • High proportion of skilled permanent staff and good reliability of part-time workers ensure maximum flexibility
  • Access to trained agency workers to cover peak order times
  • Regular training to meet increasing requirements
  • Excellent healthcare
  • Safety officer ensures high level industrial safety