Entrepreneurial responsibility

WTA - a service provider that stands for efficiency and commitment for our industrial customers while guaranteeing consistent quality. We sort and assemble, process, pack and dispatch technical articles and assemblies

Reliability is our core corporate value

The company's responsibility towards our employees

Social responsibility is part of our value system. This responsibility goes beyond compliance with the legal requirements in the company

The working conditions appropriate for the occupational activities guarantee the safety and health of our employees. These measures are an expression of respect for all parties interested in our activities. Health protection and the creation of a hygienic working environment are part of the measures we take to guarantee our employees’ wellbeing. Our goal is an accident-free workplace.

What we mean by that:

Superiors as role models

As an owner-managed company, it is important to us that all occupational safety criteria are observed in our company. All employees possessing a management role live up to this standard and actively take the lead in shaping it. Naturally, we know that not everything is perfect in everyday practice, yet all managers ensure that the conditions of occupational safety are complied with.

Employee responsibility

Every employee is responsible for the intended use of the equipment and compliance with all occupational safety measures. Every employee takes an active part in the hygiene measures to preventing dangerous viruses and germs.

Safeguarding the duties and rights of our employees

Pregnant and young people have special protective rights.

Work equipment

The necessary work equipment, such as safe tools or suitable personal protective equipment, is available in sufficient quantities for the employees.

Occupational safety training - compliance, documentation and control

Every employee will receive an adequate training, qualifying him to perform their work according to their area of responsibility. Internal communication takes place with the aim of continuously improving occupational safety processes.

Ensuring the safety of machines and processes

Machines are checked for safety in accordance with the applicable standards. We pay attention to tests and compliance with the provided machines and the implementation of prescribed measures. The use of less hazardous substances and processes contributes to both environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

We maintain communication with all interested parties in an appropriate and cooperative manner. The internal reporting records all deviations and uses key figures for this. Through exemplary working conditions, we increase employee satisfaction and thus also contribute to customer satisfaction.

WTA stands for quality and respectful handling of all resources

WTA stands for quality and respectful handling of all resources

The focus of all our activities lies on meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers. Quality and conserving handling determine the way all our employees think and act.

With the introduction of the integrated management system according to ISO 9001: 2008 and 14001: 2004, we have created a solid basis that has strengthened the trust of our customers in the name of WTA. The re-certification and continuation of the activities to meet the standards ISO 9001 and 14001 have confirmed the further path of WTA as a trustworthy partner for its customers. A zero-error policy shapes the implementation of the quality concept in all processes.

The WTA business purpose is justified by ensuring the quality of the goods delivered by our customers by sorting them according to quality criteria, post-processing of provided raw parts, the procurement of relevant purchased parts and the packaging and labeling of these products.

Our employees make an active contribution to the continuous improvement of the management system as well as the quality and environmental performance in the entire process chain and thus also to ensure the success of our customers. The sustainable implementation of the quality and environmental policy forms the basis for the continued existence of the company.

Our goal is to continuously improve environmental protection in our company. Furthermore, we have named the reduction of our CO² consumption a strategic goal by 2025 by a further 3% in relation to the company’s performance.

In order to achieve this goal, we have developed operational measures in cooperation with the state-funded "Hessen-Pius" project. We review their effectiveness every year. We guarantee the implementation of this goal through our environmental management and strive for active environmental protection in all areas of activity.

Moreover, we support the environmental awareness and environmental responsibility of all employees and ensure that further training is offered in environmentally relevant areas of our activities. WTA also stands for compliance with existing environmental laws and other applicable binding obligations.

The involvement of all employees in our corporate environmental protection ensures sustainability in achieving the environmental policy goals of avoiding additional consumption of resources, e.g. through unnecessary journeys, avoiding waste and re-feeding waste materials into the resource cycle. Waste materials that result from our quality control activities through sorting are qualified and fed back into the resource cycle of our customers.

Environmental impacts are taken into account when making investments and purchases. The most environmentally friendly variants should be given preference whenever possible. Suppliers and contractual partners are involved in efforts to improve environmental protection. Vehicles in our fleet will be successively replaced according to the most recent standards and developments in the sector of environmental protection.

Our principles are

We are a partner of the industry and help in realizing the requirements of our customers' customers. As a partner to resource-processing industries in particular, we help reduce CO-2 emissions. WTA relies on efficient and therefore environmentally friendly services and logistics. Our cooperation with authorities is based on an action-oriented and trusting attitude. Employees, suppliers and service providers are included in our objectives. The quality and environmental management system is regularly checked for effectiveness through audits.

As a regional company with global customers, WTA Wachsmuth operates in a diverse world and perceives it as such.

  • Our employees come from over 18 nations.
  • In order company we integrate employees from different cultures and strive to grow together through the motivation, the ability and knowledge, as well as the hard work of the people in our company.
  • We support regional children's facilities, sports teams which our employees form part of in their free time and #HERZMENSCH e.V. a regional aid project by people from the region for people in the region.
  • We believe in diversity, dignity and freedom of the individual.
  • We like to live and work in Germany.

WTA is a company from Freigericht founded in 1994. The historical development is closely accompanied by a large number of activities with the increasing specialization of the industries in the region and the increase in reliability regarding the creation of high-quality products. WTA has specialized as a company for quality testing of said products. WTA has accompanied the increasing outsourcing of various work steps to service companies. This is how the fields of testing and sorting services, cable assembly, assembly of technical articles and assembly of rubber, metal and plastic parts, print media processing and pad printing were created.

The digitalization of industry (i4.0) is taking a more concrete shape. We will face this challenge and expand our range of services, e.g. through the use of fully automatic and semi-automatic cable machines and fully automatic test systems. The digitization of administrative workplaces is constantly being refined. Human work will continue to play a formative role in terms of creativity and variability in our company. Our future is located where the interface between human work and machines is closed.

We look forward to the further challenges.

A. Portriat

WTA is an SME based in Freigericht. WTA provides its services for TIER 1 and TIER 2 suppliers in the automotive industry and other branches of industry in Germany. The products processed by WTA are used in many industries, primarily in the automotive industry. WTA sees itself as a quality service provider and checks, sorts and packs industrial products and articles.

B. Preamble

WTA recognizes its responsibility towards all interested parties as well as towards the environment and society. Entrepreneurial activity is based in particular on the civil values of integrity and fairness, regardless of whether the activity is carried out within or outside of Germany. That is why WTA supports the United Nation Global Compact initiative and is obliged to anchoring it in its business principles and procedures.

This Code of Conduct for suppliers outlines the standards with regard to business integrity and ethics, labor and social standards, environmental protection, competition, general business principles and the associated management systems, which WTA requires its suppliers to comply with. The suppliers must ensure that these requirements are also known and adhered to in the subsequent supply chain, by their own employees and by all direct and indirect sub-suppliers.

C. General principles

The supplier complies with the law, regulations and guidelines. In all business transactions and decisions, the supplier is obliged to observe the applicable laws and other relevant regulations of the countries in which they are active.

D. Prohibition of Corruption and Bribery

The supplier has to prohibit all forms of corruption, bribery and disloyalty, he will neither tolerate nor practice them. The supplier is therefore not allowed to try, either domestically or abroad, to unlawfully influence other business dealings by exchanging gifts or offering or granting other advantages. The same applies to the inadmissible acceptance of benefits.

E. Child labor

The supplier observes the regulations of the United Nations on human and children's rights, in particular the Convention on the Minimum Age for Admission to Employment (Convention 138 of the International Labor Organization) and the Convention on Prohibition and Immediate Measures to eliminate the worst forms of child labor (Convention 182 of the International Labor Organization). If a national regulation regarding child labor demands stricter standards, the supplier must comply with these as a matter of priority.

F. Health protection

The supplier guarantees occupational health and safety in the workplace in accordance with national regulations. The supplier supports constant further development to improve the working environment.

G. Environmental protection

The supplier is obliged to observe environmental protection with regard to legal norms and international standards, to minimize environmental pollution and to continuously improve environmental protection. Furthermore, the suppliers undertake to set up or apply an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 or an equivalent system.

H. Respect for fundamental rights

  1. Human rights
    The supplier respects and supports compliance with internationally recognized human rights.
  2. Forced labor
    The supplier outlaws any form of forced labor.
  3. Equal opportunities
    The supplier opposes all forms of discrimination within the framework of the applicable laws and regulations. The supplier is commmitted to maintain equal opportunities in employment. Different treatment of employees based on their origin, nationality, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, disability or based on gender orientation is not tolerated.
  4. Working condictions
    The supplier opposes all exploitative working conditions and recognizes the right to organize in a union.
  5. Antitrust law
    The supplier respects fair competition and complies with the applicable laws that protect and promote competition, in particular the applicable antitrust laws and other laws regulating competition.
  6. Data protection
    The supplier is obliged to comply with the data protection regulations. Personal data may only be collected, processed or used as long as it is necessary for specified, clear and legitimate purposes. The use of the data must be transparent for those concerned; their rights to information and correction as well as, if necessary, to objection, blocking and deletion are to be upheld.
  7. Export and import
    The supplier is obliged to comply with all applicable import and export control laws, in particular sanctions, embargoes and other laws, regulations, state orders and policies for controlling the transfer or delivery of goods and technology.