We assemble circuit boards, cables and manufacture complex modules

From megavolt to microvolt, we develop, produce or assemble your modules and cables. Our state-of-the-art production facilities enable fully automatic cable assembly, from stripping to tinning, including high-voltage testing up to 5000 volts.

  • Electrical continuity checks (Adaptronic and Hameg)
  • High voltage tests up to 5000 V (PLC test system)
  • Micrograph laboratory / crimp height measurement (KOMAX)
  • Electronic extraction force monitoring (KOMAX)
  • Nikon Motic digital microscope

  • Komax Gamma
  • Komax Kappa
  • Schleuninger UniStrip
  • Welll├Âtofen Kurtz-Ersa
  • Weresch Automaten

  • Insulating tubes (e.g. PVC, silicone)
  • Shrink tubing and shrink molded parts
  • Corrugated pipe / hose
  • Sheathing with PVC or fabric tape (up to 150 ┬░ C)
  • Cable tie systems
  • 1- and 2-component casting, hardening in a Hereaus heating furnace

  • Crimp and press connection
  • Insulation displacement connection
  • Press-fit connection (e.g. collar sleeves in circuit board)
  • Penetration connection
  • Spring clamp connection (cage clamp spring)
  • Crimping and tinning using fully automatic machinery
  • Soldering technology

  • Single wires and strands
  • Ribbon cables
  • Sheathed cables in PVC, PUR, silicone - shielded / unshielded
  • Audio cable (cinch, jack) Coaxial cable Multi-core TCP / IP cable Specific device and power cables

We also carry out the production of THT or SMD-equipped circuit boards. Our reflow ovens ensure the consistent high quality of the circuit boards. In addition, our competent specialist staff will design and assemble your modules in accordance with the latest standards and regulations - from the first prototype to the ready-to-install small or medium series. We master our business from fine electronics for the medical industry to high-voltage electronics in the sector of mechanical engineering.