Tradtion and innovation united

Efficiency and additional benefits for our customers

The greatest strength of WTA lies in the experience and innovation potential of its employees. As a creative melting pot, we develop cost-optimized solutions for our customers.

We carry out production processes on a wage basis. We are specialized in electrical engineering & cable assembly as well as the processing of plastics, achieving superb results with both manual and fully automated processes. In addition to the development and implementation of production processes, our services also include outsourced quality control and consecutive logistics processes.

Typical project phases

Your inquiry, our solution

  • Calculation of the order
  • Provision of the workpieces by the client
  • Depending on the scope of the order or the product cycle you will be required to deliver specific machinery

Consignment, invoicing

  • Processing at specialized sorting tables and individual workstations
  • Shift work depending on requirements or scheduling
  • Team work at the customer's site if necessary

Process improvement and quality management

  • Consistent improvement of processes by our own employees
  • Simplification and optimization of work processes
  • Focus on quality assurance


  • Provision of the processed goods for collection or dispatch with company-owned trucks