Control units for welding machines

WTA manufactures sensor-guided motor controls for thermal cutting machines. What makes the process so special is the fact that WTA takes charge of the complete buildup of the control module. After validation, we start with the assembly and soldering of the circuit board and move on to tailoring the rear panels and the front panels with the appropriate control panels and cable sets for the respective systems.

Since such welding and cutting systems are in use all over the globe, the engineering department had to ensure in advance that the control units would be sturdy enough to function flawlessly in all climatic zones - regardless of whether that means -30 degrees Celsius in Alaska or extreme humidity in the tropics. Another requirement is that the module was designed in a maintenance-friendly manner. Corresponding 100% quality controls and tests are hence carried out and certified all phases of the project.

WTA assembles circuit boards both by machine and by hand, solders them manually or by machine and connects them robustly with self-manufactured cable sets and control panels in order to be used easily and reliably all over the world in the sectors of machine or device construction. In addition, WTA manufactures the components in accordance with ESD, i.e. without electrostatic discharge, and guarantees the production to conform to industry norms and standards. In the final step, the employees in the WTA LOGISTICS department pack and ship the products, which are then delivered to the customer on time.

WTA is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and 14001.